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New River Climbing Alliance

We support the efforts of the New River Climbing Alliance and the New River Gorge Climbing Coalition. Keep up
the good work guys! We really appreciate it.

Climbing Map

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New River Gorge Climbing Pictures

Check out these New River Gorge Climbing Pictures and information about Rock Climbing School and Climbing
at the New River in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Model Released: Man scaling cliff wall (Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images)

Basic Rock Climbing Gear

We’ve all seen rock climbers on television or in the movies. Climbing rocks and cliffs take skill and endurance. In case you were thinking about taking up rock climbing, a listing of the necessary equipment is outlined below.

Shoes: You can’t wear your everyday hiking boots to climb a rock. Your shoe should be stiff and fit like a glove. Snug but not too tight. Because comfort is a concern, it’s best not to mail order shoes for rock climbing, you’ll definitely want to try them on first.

Harness: A harness is worn for safety and attaches to a rope so you won’t fall off the rock. Your sales associate will help you find a harness that fits properly, but you’ll want to be sure the harness fits comfortably around your thighs and waist.

Carbiners: These are actually hooks. You’ll use these to attach different items to your harness.

Helmet: This very important piece of rock climbing equipment will protect your head from falling debris. It will also guard you against bumps and bruises if you should happen to bang against a wall. This may in fact, be the most important piece of rock climbing equipment you own. Make sure you try on your helmet prior to purchasing and that it fits comfortably.

Chalk: Rubbed on your hands, chalk will help you grip rocks. Comes in powdered or ball form.

Chalk Bag: Holds chalk and attaches to your harness.

Rope: Rope should be 10 or 11 millimeters in diameter and 50 to 60 meters long and should be able to stretch a bit under tension to protect a climber in the event of a fall.

Belay Device: This is used to hold a climber’s rope. It helps the belayer protect the climber.

If you’re interested in rock climbing but don’t know where to start, be sure to do your research. Not only are there plenty of books available, but there are articles all over the internet. It’s strongly urged that you take lessons with an experienced instructor. If you’re unsure of the proper equipment, your instructor or experienced sales person can help you with this. It’s better to pay extra money to ensure safety than get seriously injured or worse because you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Mountain Climbing for Everyone

All beginners interested in the sport of mountaineering should take great care to familiarize themselves with the basics of the discipline. Before a climber decides to take that first plunge, they should learn some of the basic building blocks of a solid technique. Rappelling, belaying, anchor systems, locking carabiner, rope handling and management, climbing knots, and this can be often overlooked but will save your life-wilderness survival.
Women engage in different extreme sports and mountain climbing proves to be an added challenge to their ability. There are many rewards associated with mountain climbing, many women dedicate their lives to reach the highest and the most difficult peak they can climb.
As climbers ascend, they meet different elements such as thinner air and colder temperatures. If they climb the mountain too quickly, they will not be used to the new environment, and they will be out of their comfort zone. The same principle holds true for those of you who are climbing your own mountains, and striving for goals. As you climb higher to reach your goals, you will experience a different feeling.
You may feel overwhelmed, like the mountaineer who is at base camp, knowing that he has many steps to climb. You may feel excited, like the mountaineer who has just hit the middle of the mountain, knowing that the peak is within reach. You may feel proud of yourself, like the mountaineer who has reached the summit, knowing that he obtained his goal.
However, how can you climb the mountain to your goals? What you should do fist is write down the goals when you at the bottom. If you want to be happy, write down how you will accomplish this. If you want to make more money, list details such as wanting to increase your income by 15% next year.
Before climbing, check on the temperature. Because mountain climbing can include rock and ice climbing, a climber can expect a subzero to extremely hot temperature. In addition, there can be loose rock on the route. The climber should check the condition of lower offs and bolts. Proper gear such as jackets, pants and helmets should be prepared, but we should select proper boots, Puma shoes is worth Recommend. Gears and equipment should be matched to the temperature when the planned climb will be executed. These things are essential once there is an increase in potential fall and slope angle. So be safe, and have fun!

Leave No Trace

We are committed to a “leave no trace” philosophy. This means that we want to leave no evidence that people have visited the New River Gorge. We want to make sure that each rock climbing tour packs everything in and leaves nothing behind. Rock Climbing has always been green

Summer Arrives in New River Gorge

Yesterday was the first day of Summer and we kicked off the celebration with our climbing instruction tours in the New River Gorge. Perfect weather greeted us for our day in the New River Gorge. As always, our New River Climbing featured gorgeous West Virginia scenery.